SaCoDé Ngozi
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Youth and Women Friendly Health Center

Intervention areas:

  • Bujumbura

  • Gatumba


You can be involved by:

  • Sponsoring the project

  • By volunteering


It is a health center project offering health care services to the population with youth and women-friendly services. 

  • Access to adequate health care for the population 

  • Access to health care services, consultation, laboratory, and hospitalization to improve the living conditions of the communities: SaCoDé has experienced staff and the necessary equipment to offer quality care. 

  • Providing youth-friendly services: Counseling youth in the fight against STIs, HIV/AIDS, and unwanted pregnancies. 

  • Provide women-friendly services: counseling and provision of family planning. 

  • Assistance to pregnant women: women will have access to prenatal consultation ( ANC), delivery, and post-natal consultation( CPON)through Community Health Workers. 

  • Monitoring of newborns, infants, and children through Community Health Workers: these will be trained on the immunization schedule and the child's growth curve so that they can assist in monitoring.

Project Impact


Patients attend the Youth and Women Friendly Health Center (YWFHC) for medical support and counseling.

September 28, 2022 at 8:38:40 AM


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