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Hinduka - Project Awareness

Project implementation costs:

  • Per beneficiary:

    • US$ 15 for 400 SMS

    • US$ 30 for the other teaching materials (brochures and videos)

  • US$ 150 per month to connect our SMS platform to the Internet.

You can get involved by:

  • Sponsoring our projects.

  • Volunteering.

In Burundi, there's no specific Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) program in the Educational Curriculum. The little that is taught in Biology and Civic Education classes in Secondary School is not enough, given that most Secondary School students are sexually active. In addition, Burundian culture taboos do not easily allow parents to talk openly about sexuality with their children. The consequences of this lack of education are enormous. A survey conducted in the country revealed that from 2009 to 2015, 11,800 schoolgirls became pregnant while in school! To fill the gap, we have developed tools to sensitize youth and their parents on Sexual and Reproductive Health, and encourage responsible behaviours:

  • SMS - we are the only organization in Burundi that uses the SMS approach, very effective in terms of results. It allows us to reach all our beneficiaries quickly and in real time, and gives them the opportunity to participate directly, free of charge, by privately asking individual questions, at all times. Being aware that not everyone has access to a mobile phone, our beneficiaries are organized in groups where each person who receives an SMS is required to share its contents with 5 friends who don't have phones. This approach earned us the Segal Family Foundation's Innovative Project Award in 2013.

  • Video - we produce and screen films and documentaries on various topics related to Sexual and Reproductive Health, such as the menstrual cycle, puberty, boy-girl relationships, sexually transmitted infections, modern contraceptive methods, etc.


  • Biraturaba: in partnership with CARE Burundi, we have provided Sexual and Reproductive Health lessons to 3,008 youth in some Communes of Bubanza, Cibitoke, and Gitega.

  • GEWEP: we have sensitized 4,794 women and girls gathered under CARE Burundi's "Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Program" (GEWEP) in some Communes of Bubanza, Gitega, Kayanza, Kirundo, Muyinga, Ngozi and Rumonge. On top of our Sexual and Reproductive Health lessons, our curriculum also covers Family Planning, Gender Equality, Gender based violence, Financial Literacy and Business Management.

  • Our in-house SRHR Education program, "Hinduka uhindure abandi" ("change and inspire others to change" in Kirundi) currently caters to youth, essentially in the Communes of Gatumba (Rural Bujumbura) and Buhiga (Karuzi) ,where we operate community centres. At these centres we offer, among others, free Sexual and Reproductive Health related services, such as testing, supply of contraception and family planning tools, Agateka pads, and counseling. Furthermore, all the beneficiaries of the "Agateka kwishure" and "Iterambere" programs are automatically included into the Hinduka program.

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