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Menya Umwuga - Project Hygiene

Current areas of intervention:


  • Bujumbura Mairie


Number of women already trained: 220


Project costs, per beneficiary:


  • US$ 30 for a two months training.


Hotels and companies that employ our graduates: Best Outlook Hotel, Buja-Café, Le Café Gourmand, City Hill Hotel, Hôtel la Palmeraie, Le Clos des Limbas, Emeraude Hôtel, GTS, Hekenya Restaurant, InfoCom Services, Martha Hotel, Hotel New Agena, Pearl Residence, Roca Golf Hotel, Safari Gate Hotel, Star Hotel, Yombe Palace Hotel.


You can get involved by:


  • Sponsoring the projetct.

  • Sponsoring the trainees.

  • Offering internships and jobs to our graduates.


An Isuku graduate

An Isuku graduate

An Isuku graduate

An Isuku graduate

During training

During training

The "Isuku" project - which means "hygiene" in Kirundi, is an initiative intended primarily for economically disadvantaged women. We teach them skills in modern cleaning and maintenance techniques, for homes and other premises; to promote health and contribute to the reduction of dirty hands diseases. Our courses, which are sanctioned by a certificate, not only develop technical skills, but also effectively encourage to the desired behavioral changes within communities.


One of the project goals is to promote the work of women through enhancing their capacities. At the end of their training, our graduates are sent on work placements in different hotels and establishments in the city, and some are offered full-time jobs. The impact of Isuku on the community are huge and visible, through the health of families and their income increase when our graduates find employment. Furthermore, the women who find work are trained in saving, lending and trading, and are helped to open bank accounts. This is so they do not become dependent on their salaries, learn to save, and think of initiating projects that will further increase the quality of their lives.


Testimony of Esperance, a graduate


"Before being trained by Sacodé in modern techniques of cleaning and maintenance of premises, I was too desperate because my husband had just died. He left me alone with two children. I was too skinny. A friend took me to Sacodé and I had a chance to be trained. After the training, I was connected to a job that now allows me to pay the rent of my house, and buy food and clothes for my children. I have peace in my heart."


Project Impact


12 women and 18 Central African refugee girls, as well as 10 women from the Care team received their training certificates from the SaCoDé team, in the presence of the Governor of Moundou, Chad.

September 27, 2022


Young people and women who recieved the trainings

September 27, 2022

Menya Umwuga News

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