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VSLA have moved on to the Iterambere phase. These include 84 young people and 880 women entrepreneurs. These young people were able to set up 84 IGAs, while the women set up 880 IGAs.


2 new VSLAs at KIRUNDO!
On April 06th, 2021, in Commune Gitobe , 60 women residing in the locality of Bigombo created 2 new VSLA beneficiaries of SaCoDé. After two awareness-raising sessions on menstrual hygiene management, they decided together to buy 1 pack each of the AGATEKA washable and reusable sanitary pads and then start the Iterambere phase. They then received the operating kits made up of boxes, member booklets, padlocks, register and pens. The activity took place in a very festive atmosphere, and both they and their local authorities were proud of it.

Activity Project Year

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