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March 12, 2021 - Thanks to the sponsorship of KCB Bank Burundi LTD, #700_girls from different #GITEGA public schools received an AGATEKA sanitary pads kit.
This education and distribution session brought together schoolgirls from different school clubs where they are educated on hygiene, menstrual hygiene management as well as adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health. (School clubs are set up by school aunts who are mostly trained by sacode as part of the #ISHURE_RY_NGENYERI project)
This distribution aims to encourage girls to stay at school even during their period, with a significant impact on their result performance and competitiveness to promote gender equality in school. Second, give them access to adequate menstrual material for good menstrual hygiene management practices, allowing them to live their periods serenely, with dignity.
Françoise Nibizi, Founder & Executive Director of SaCoDé was delighted to see how enthusiastic the girls participated in the panel on #menstrual_health. School clubs have been very successful, providing appropriate answers to questions related to menstrual health, she said.
SaCoDe is grateful for the continued support of KCB Bank Burundi LTD as evidenced by this donation to schoolgirls as part of the “ #TUGUMIZE_UMWIGE_KW_ISHURE” campaign.

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