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Jimbere - Project Magazine

Number of schools where the Magazine is distributed for free:

40 (at least two in each province of Burundi)


Project implementation costs: one copy of Jimbere costs US$ 3 to produce and distribute.


You can get involved by:

  • Sponsoring the free distribution project.

  • Advertising with us.

  • Supplementing our distribution network.


"Jimbere", which means "move forward" in Kirundi, is the name of Burundi's first educational and entertainment magazine focused on youth and women issues, produced by the Association of Editors of the Jimbere Magazine in partnership with Sacodé. It is published monthly, in French (Burundi’s administration and second language), in print and online. It does not talk about politics, but rather concentrates on topics relating to the daily lives of Burundians. Each month, a different theme is covered in great length and it seeks to address, in a relaxed manner, serious issues that affect our lives, including sexual and reproductive health, relationships, gender equality and entrepreneurship. It talks about history, culture, fashion, sports, and it even has a section for stories and opinion pieces by Burundian youth in the diaspora, thanks to a partnership with the blog “This Burundian Life”. Through the stories and articles, it aims to prove that despite the political, social and economic challenges we see around us, hope still exists; life must go on, and we can make it. It aims to bring positive energy, to be the voice of Burundians determined to reclaim their destinies.

Although Jimbere is a Commercial product, Sacodé, the Association of Editors of the Jimbere Magazine, and the Embassy of the United States in Burundi formed a partnership to distribute copies of the Magazine for free in some schools and universities across Burundi. This, in order to support litteracy initiatives, encourage a reading and writing culture, and increase visibility and access to "made in Burundi" content. For more information on Jimbere, to read some of the stories, learn about subscription plans, distribution and advertising opportunities, please visit the website, and like the Facebook page: Jimbere Magazine.

The young and slick Jimbere editorial team :)

Jimbere News

La Sacodé souffle sa 6ème bougie

April 20, 2017

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