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The SaCoDé Gatumba center is located on the GAHARAWE hill of Gatumba zone, MUTIMBUZI commune, BUJUMBURA Province very close to the national road number 4 RN4 BUJUMBURA -GATUMBA from the Chanic roundabout to the border with the DRC and is 100m from the Gatumba center parking lot and about 40m from the Gatumba market. The Centre began operations in 2015. It is one of the SaCoDé Centers in the different provinces of the country.

The centre currently has eleven employees including: a Centre Coordinator, two Laboratory Technicians, three Nurses, a Receptionist, an Iterambere Project Manager, two Watchmen and a Cleanliness Officer.


The Gatumba zone is one of the Mutimbuzi commune located in the south-west of the Mutimbuzi commune, in the south bordering Lake Tanganyika, in the west with the DRC, in the north-east with the Rukaramu zone and in the east Rukaramu. 

It is shaped like an island between the Rusizi 1 and 2 rivers, all of which flow into Lake Tanganyika, but this area is sometimes affected by flooding due to its proximity to Lake Tanganyika and the Rusizi River. The Gatumba area has nine hills which are: Mushasha I and II, Kinyinya I and II, Muyange I and II, Gaharawe, Warubondo and Vugizo.

The majority of the Gatumba population are farmers and fishermen, while others engage in petty trade in this locality, at the Bujumbura city market commonly known as "KWASIYONI" and COTEBU in Bujumbura, and others cross the Congolese border to sell fruit and other foodstuffs. 

But from the year 2021 until today, this population is exposed to the challenges of poverty linked to: 

  1. The flooding of the Rusizi river and Lake Tanganyika, which lasted for almost two years, from April 2020 to August 2022. 

  2. The closure of the Congolese border following the spread of covid-19.

The area is flat, sandwiched between the Rusizi River and Lake Tanganyika, making it impossible to channel stagnant water during the rainy season. As a result, there are many diseases linked to poor hygiene.

Apart from these floods, the water table is very close, which means that households cannot dig deep septic tanks on the MUSHASHA and KINYINYA hills. Latrines are always overflowing, often causing urinary tract infections.

Meet The Team

Get to know the passionate and dedicated individuals who make SaCoDé Burundi's mission possible. Meet our team members, who work tirelessly to empower communities and bring about positive change in Burundi.


Gatumba Medical Center Coordinator


Receptionist at the Gatumba Medical Center

Inf. Jean Marie Nkurunziza

Pharmacy Manager at the Gatumba Medical Center


Mentor at the Gatumba Medical Center

Inf. Valentin NIYONGERE

Nurcing Patients at the Gatumba Medical Center

Inf. Chadia AKIMANA

Laboratory technician at the Gatumba Medilcal Center

Mrs. Grace Francoise NIBIZI

Founder & Executive Director

Inf. Faustin Kwizera

Laboratory Technician at the Gatumba Medical Center


Dieudonne GATOGATO

Mentor at the Gatumba Medical Center

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