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Menya Umwuga : 7 years of Activity ---------------------------------------------- On Friday April 20th, SaCoDé celebrated its 7 years of activity and we will continue posting about SaCoDé projects’ path. We begin the week by the one it made its first steps with, The Menya UmwugaProject.

As the first initiative of SaCoDé, the objective of Isuku Project is to instil modern cleaning and maintenance techniques for homes and premises in Burundians economically disadvantaged women, to improve hygiene awareness in communities, as well as helping them developing enough skills to enable them to work at an occupation that helps them to be self-sufficient.

It’s about a training undertaken in two separate halves. First of all, beneficiaries attend to one-month training on modern cleaning and maintenance techniques for homes and premises, and then they are sent in different hotels and establishments in the city of Bujumbura for a one-month internship on which they illustrate theoretical instructions in practice. These two months are finalized by the granting of a certificate of professional Aptitude.

However, over time, SaCoDé realized that populations which were responding to the project’s call were not only made of women. More and more young men had started attending training sessions. And so it is today that the project recognizes for over 400 women and young man of beneficiaries.

To this day, SaCoDé can assess the impact of the project through the improvement in health of communities and graduates’ living standard. From 2011 to 2018, 80 % of the 455 women and young men who attended the training have found stable jobs in different Bujumbura city establishments.

SaCoDé would like to take this opportunity to expressly thank Best Outlook Hotel, Safari Gate Hotel, Star Hotel, Martha Hotel, GTS ,Roca Golf, Pearl Residence Hotel, Le Clos des Limbas, Emeraude Hotel, Perle Hotel, Tigers Apartment Hotel, Ceprodilic Hotel, Kings Conference Centre, Café Gourmand ,Yombe Palace and Buja Café once again for the opportunities given to Isuku project beneficiaries.


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