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The Latest News from SaCoDe, September 2023

Oky, a period tracking App: Launched for girls in Burundi

May saw the official launch of Oky, a menstruation-tracking app for girls and women. This application has been adapted to the Burundian context and in the Burundian language. During the launch of this application, there was a panel discussion on the theme: of menstruation without taboos with Oky.

The panel included 5 girls who co-created Oky, as well as Dr Clémentine IRAKOZE, Deputy Technical Director at PNSR. The panelists included a deaf-mute and a blind girl. SaCoDé's Executive Director moderated the panel.

The girls shared their experiences before and after Oky. They were delighted to be able to track their cycle and get advice and information about menstruation thanks to the Oky app, as before they had a lot of misinformation.

During the same month of May, competitions were held in schools and the community in Gitega, Ngozi, and Bujumbura, to raise awareness of the Oky app. Competitions were held at the University of Ngozi, UPG in Gitega and Université Sagesse d'Afrique in Bujumbura. Prizes included Samsung Galaxie A03 Core phones, branded Oky notebooks, T-shirts, and backpacks.

Help us Empower Women, and Youth to live peacefully their menstruation with Oky!
  • Oky is the world's first period-tracking app for girls and created by girls.

  • It delivers information about menstruation in a fun, creative and positive way, right into girls' hands through the tools they use every day - cell phones.

  • Oky empowers girls to feel in control and more confident in tracking their periods and getting the information all girls should know.

would you like to join our cause by giving a chance to Women, and Youth users of the OKY App? Click on the button below to support us


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