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Elyse Ndayiziga

Monitoring and evaluation

The M&E Specialist is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data to help organizations assess the effectiveness of their programs. They must be able to work independently and in teams, as well as have excellent communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills.

Implementation of M&E and coordination:

  • Collect data on a regular basis to measure achievement against the performance indicators.

  • Check data quality with partners.

  • Maintain and administer the M&E database; analyse and aggregate findings.

  • Support project progress reporting, project mid-term review and final evaluation.

What skills are required for monitoring and evaluation?

  1. What are Monitoring and Evaluation Skills. ...

  2. Research skills. ...

  3. Data collection skills. ...

  4. Data analysis skills. ...

  5. Monitoring plans skills. ...

  6. Evaluation plans skills. ...

  7. Sampling techniques skills. ...

  8. Statistical and analytical skills.

What are the main objectives of monitoring and evaluation?

M&E objectives are critical for the success of any development program or intervention. They provide a clear roadmap for stakeholders to track progress, identify challenges, make evidence-based decisions, promote accountability, and continuously improve interventions to achieve the desired impact.


Elyse Ndayiziga
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