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What we do

SaCoDé's fundamental objective is to provide adequate means to fulfill life at the physical, psychological, moral, and developmental levels by contributing to the integral development of the human being. 

Business sector 

Health Center

7000 Patients can now attend our Friendly Health Center for medical support and counseling

Access to health care services, consultation, laboratory, and hospitalization to improve the living conditions of the communities: ...

Menya Umwuga

This project gave a huge impact to 217 Young People and Women.

Creation of vocational training spaces for disadvantaged youth and women to promote positive change in the workplace and prepare them for employment. ...

Ishure Ry'inyenyeri

783 School aunties and uncles trained

6660 School Children reached

Using the 3-Star Schools approach, this business line aims to improve the school environment for students and teachers. In order to move from a 0-star school to a 3-star school, this approach encourages schools to consider hygiene issues.


20 Peer educatords identified for this project

8 Schools identified for this project

50 Parents are now able to communicate with their children about SRH

The development of a curriculum composed of three main chapters and nine sections is necessary to effectively build the communication skills of parents. Kirundi will be the language of this manual and it will include the following chapters: ...


255646 Women and Girls live their menstruations with dignity

145 Underpriviledged girls and women got full time job in Agateka Production Centers

Improving access to washable and reusable "AGATEKA" sanitary pads, with or without underwear, through community sales: ...


45345 Young People and Women can sipport themselves daily through Incom-Generating Activities

Grouping of women and youth in Village Savings and Credit Associations: ...


2979 Displace households have now access to clean and safe sanitation

100 Toilets were constructed

Construction of water and hygiene infrastructures in schools: ...


64103 Young People are now educated around Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) and now able to educate others

3776 Women can now educate their Children on Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) subjects and Manstrual Hygiene Management (MHM).

Community health workers provide family planning education and support to women who use contraceptives so that they can limit their births and live a fulfilling life.

Amagara Meza

111 Households identified and reached for this project

Education to a healthy and balanced diet: ...

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