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What we do

SaCoDé Burundi is a non-profit organization that works to empower communities by providing access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. We believe in the potential of all people and strive to create an environment that allows them to reach their goals.

Our organization works to build sustainable, long-term projects with our partners, collaborating with local communities to develop and implement solutions. We invite you to join us and help us make a difference in the lives of those in Burundi.

Business sector 

Oky Burundi

100 filles et garçons adolescents ont été identifiés et une prise de contact a été organisée incluant la session sur PSEA
3 sessions d’installation de la version anglaise de Oky ont été organisées à Ngozi, Gitega, et Bujumbura Mairie
3 des sessions de cocréation tenues pour l’adaptation de Oky App dans les provinces de Gitega, Ngozi et Bujumbura Mairie. Au total 91 jeunes filles présentes avec inclusion des personnes vivants avec handicap dont 5 sourds muettes, 2 aveugles et 9 personnes avec mobilité réduite.
3 sessions d’échange avec le cercle social des filles adolescentes ont été tenues. 114 personnes étaient présentes constitué des membres des comités de gestion des écoles (CGE), des tantines scolaires, des parents et des responsables des ECOFO.
SaCoDé a traduit Oky en Kirundi et Français et l’a adapté au contexte burundais en travaillant avec filles des provinces Ngozi, Gitega et Bujumbura Mairie lors des séances de Cocréation de OKY.
Une application web et site web ont été développées et déployées pour la gestion des contenus de Oky App et sa visibilité
Les staffs de SaCoDé ont été formés sur la gestion du contenu de Oky

Created by UNICEF, Oky is the world's first period-tracking and reproductive health education app created for and with young girls. Oky provides information about menstruation in a fun, creative, and positive way, directly on the cell phone. The app features menstrual cycle counters, calendars, and personalized advice, as well as more original functions. Thanks to Oky's playful design, young girls can personalize the app, choose and unlock avatars, and take quizzes on menstrual health. It's a tool that's both educational and fun, well-suited to the education of teenagers and young people.


53235 Young People and Women can support themselves daily through Incom-Generating Activities

Entrepreneurship education: Financial empowerment for young people and women


2979 Displace households have now access to clean and safe sanitation 100 Toilets were constructed

253.876 schoolgirls and boys in 216 schools got access to clean water with the building of 207 handwashing station, 96 water ramp and 5 rainwater harvesting systems.

Creating a healthy environment in communities


99188 women and youth were educated on Menstrual Health Hygiene (MHH), Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) in VSLAs and via Short Message Services (SMS)

Sexual and reproductive health education for young people and women in communities

Amagara Meza

243 households have a balanced diet thanks to kitchen gardens.

1624 women were sensitized on balanced diet and kitchen garden setup.

Implementing kitchen gardens: educated beneficiary households set up kitchen gardens using the permaculture approach.

Health Center

11130 Patients can now attend our Friendly Health Center for medical support and counseling

Access to adequate health care for the population

Menya Umwuga

This project gave a huge impact to 217 Young People and Women.

Professional training for disadvantaged young people and women to enhance their employability

Ishure Ry'inyenyeri

208756 schoolgirls got a free AGATEKA washable and reusable sanitary kit

School-based education on hygiene, menstrual health and hygiene, and sexual reproductive health for gender-sensitive adolescents and young people.


100 parents from 50 households have been trained on how to communicate with adolescents.

100 Adolescent pair educators have been trained on how to communicate with their parents on subjects related to sexual reproductive health.

Strengthening communication between parents and children


335456 Agateka Sanitary Pads produced in the women in production centers of Cibitoke, Gitega, Karusi, Ngozi, Ruyigi, Muyinga and Kirundo

Manufacture washable and reusable sanitary pads. Promotion of Menstrual hygiene and health

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