Who we are


The Association for the Promotion of Communities' Health for Development "SACODE" is a Burundian support and mentoring, apolitical and not-for-profit organization. It was born in 2011 as a result of the needs felt by the founding members to promote good practices aimed at promoting health, for the development of communities.





Our vision is that communities in Burundi live in environments where complete physical, mental and social wellbeing prevail, and where individuals and groups can identify and achieve their aspirations, fulfill needs, and influence their environments or adapt to them.





Our fundamental objective is to promote Communities' health through information, education and sensitization on good practices leading to health and development, so that communities enjoy healthy lives and live life positively.



Fundamental values


Dignity, Responsibility, Cooperation, Innovation, Integrity and Respect
constitute the foundation of all our actions.


The Team

Human Resources Manager

Annick Inamahoro

Inyenyeri Project Manager, Rugombo

Don Bellamy Giriteka

Manager, Buhiga Community Centre

Emmanuel Ndayiragije

Inyenyeri Project Manager, Rugombo

Jessica Belix Giriteka

Agateka Marketing Assistant

Ninette Hakizimana

Director, Programs & Iterambere Program Coordinator

Thierry Kezimana

Communication Manager and Gatumba Community Centre Manager

Arnaud Ndayiragije

Agateka kw'Ishure Program Coordinator

Dr. Djida Marlène Kaneza

Founder and Executive Director

Grâce Françoise Nibizi

Vice-Executive Director, Communication and Development

Karl-Chris Nsabiyumva

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Odeline Nijimbere

Agateka Production Manager

Cynthia Budoromyi

Iterambere Project Manager, Gatumba

Elysée Niyukuri

Iterambere Project Manager, Buhiga

Jean de Dieu Ndizeye

Graphic Designer

Lewis Anthony Gisabo

Inyenyeri Project Manager, Mpanda

Queen Bella Milithia

Agateka Marketing and Distribution Manager

Daniella Kaze

Isuku Project Manager

Emelyne Niyomwungere

Hinduka Project Manager, Gatumba

Jeanne Marie Girukwishaka

Logistics and Finance Assistant

Marie-Jocelyne Gakuyenge

Director, Administration and Finance

Richard Nishimwe

Our Partners

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Association pour la Santé des Communautés pour le Développement


1 Avenue Gicu, Gasekebuye

B.P. 676 Bujumbura



©  2016 SACODE



Phone: +(257) 22 27 90 25

+(257) 75 95 52 50

E-mail:    info@sacode.org




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