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Who we are

The Association for the Promotion of Communities' Health for Development "SaCoDé" is a non-political and non-profit organization under Burundian law. SaCoDé was born out of the need felt by its founding members to promote good practices in health promotion for community development. It was approved by the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Government of Burundi by Ministerial Order No. 530/431 of April 20, 2011 and began its activities in June 2011. It has its headquarters in Bujumbura, Commune Muha, Zone Musaga, Quartier Gasekebuye, Avenue Gicu Nº 1.


It currently has nine community centers in the provinces of Bujumbura, Cibitoke, Gitega, Karusi, Kirundo, Muyinga, Ngozi, Ruyigi, Makamba and a health center in Gatumba. The fundamental objective of SaCoDé is to contribute to the promotion of the well-being of communities through information, education and awareness-raising on good practices for their sustainable development.



SaCoDé's vision is to build resilient, healthy, and prosperous communities. 


The mission of SaCoDé is to strengthen the capacity of communities and create a healthy environment in order to improve their living conditions. 

Fundamental values


The following values guide the Association for the Promotion of Communities' Health for Development "SaCoDé" in all its actions: 

Collaboration: In order to achieve sustainable results, SaCoDé values teamwork both internally (staff) and externally (beneficiaries, partners, donors). 

Innovation: In order to meet the needs and expectations of its beneficiaries and stakeholders, SaCoDé always looks for new strategies, approaches, orientations, and adaptations, taking into account technological advances, social principles, and environmental protection. 

Integrity: SaCoDé employees are expected to be of the utmost integrity in order to improve productivity, self-confidence, motivation, and to foster an environment of trust at work. The decisions and actions they make are therefore called upon to demonstrate honesty, ethics, responsibility, honor, and loyalty, regardless of the difficulty or whether they are aware that others are watching. 

Accountability: Employees at SaCoDé are encouraged to have sufficient autonomy to analyze, control and make decisions regarding results. 

Dignity: Assuring decent/respectful living conditions for everyone is a core concept of SaCoDé's commitment to human dignity. 

Respect: SaCoDé recognizes the value of its partners and stakeholders. Every person's beliefs are respected and accepted, and kindness is shown towards everyone and everything, regardless of time, place, mood, or individuality. 

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The Team

Arthur Bisore

National Coordinator

Emmanuel Ndayiragije

Manager, Buhiga Community Centre

Lebon Mudumba Lukogo

Information Technology Manager

Bruno Mugisha

Coordinator, Amagara Meza

Eric Ndihokubwayo

Laboratory Assistant

Lewis Anthony Gisabo

Graphic Designer

Clément Nzohabonayo


Grâce Françoise Nibizi

Founder and Executive Director

Marie-Jocelyne Gakuyenge

Logistics Assistant

Daniella Kaze

Manager, Marketing

Jeanne d'Arc Nsengiyumva

Human Resouces

Richard Nishimwe

Assistant, Finances

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