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Amagara Meza

Operational areas:

  • Buhiga 

  • Rwingoma 

  • Muhweza 

  • Ranvya 

  • Rudaraza 

  • Kiganga 

  • Rweya 

  • Mwoya 

  • Gisenyi 

  • Gitanga 

You can be involved by: 

  • Sponsoring the project

  • By volunteering

AMAGARA MEZA, which means "GOOD HEALTH", is an initiative that aims to promote healthy and balanced nutrition through permaculture education and the establishment of kitchen gardens. 

Nutrition and food security:

  • Education for a healthy and balanced diet: the women members of the AVECs supervised by SaCoDé are educated on the best agricultural practices and crop management. 

  • Implementation of vegetable gardens: the educated beneficiary households set up vegetable gardens through the permaculture approach.


One of the women beneficiaries of the project says that it is thanks to the sensitization of SaCoDé that she started to cultivate these vegetable gardens and that she benefited from sufficient follow-up and supervision. Soon she will be able to eat the vegetables from her garden with her family because she has learned that to improve her health, eating vegetables is essential.



Thanks to the sensitization given by SaCoDé concerning the setting up of kitchen gardens to have a healthy and balanced diet; my garden has done many unforgettable things for me:

My garden made me forget about buying carrots, leeks, celery, and other vegetables at the market 

Even the neighbors have taken advantage of this innovation at my place.  Nothing to be overlooked; with the techniques of saving soil by installing vegetable gardens of different shapes, SaCoDé had taught me how to set up above-ground vegetable gardens. But I don't know anything about leguminous agriculture. 

Project Impact


Households were able to improve their kitchen gardens

September 27, 2022 at 2:30:50 PM


Amagara Meza News

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