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Sécurité alimentaire et Nutrition

Amagara meza*

This project aims to promote healthy and balanced nutrition through education on permaculture and the establishment of vegetable gardens to combat diseases associated with malnutrition. Launched in 2019 at our community centre in Karusi, we raise awareness about healthy eating and growing vegetables as crucial sources of nutrients and reduce cases of nutritional deficiency. We target members of VSLAs and plan to implement the project at all our centres across Burundi.

*Good health


members of Iterambere VSLAs have been sensitized on healthy eating and setting up organic vegetable gardens.


households have balanced diets, thanks to organic vegetable gardens.


This project focuses on promoting the financial independence of women and youth by teaching them financial literacy, and entrepreneurship, promoting the creation of VSLAs, and supporting income-generating activities. Women who are members of VSLAs also have access to self-directed payment plans when they wish to purchase Agateka reusable sanitary pads. We operate in Bujumbura, Gatumba, Cibitoke, Gitega, Karusi, Ngozi, Kirundo, Muyinga, Ruyigi, and Makamba.



VSLAs have been created.


income-generating activities started by members of VSLAs.

Histoires d'impact

Chèvres et Croissance : progrès collectif à Ruyigi
In Ruyigi, 30 women buy goats together, using savings to empower their community and enhance their farms.

4 Jun 2024

Semences du changement : transformer des vies grâce à l'agriculture
In Higiro, 30 women transform their community with farming and livestock, boosting health and harmony.

4 Jun 2024

In Burundi, the rate of chronic malnutrition is among the highest in Africa: 6% of the population suffers from acute malnutrition, with an underweight and chronic malnutrition rates of 29% and 56%, respectively, among children under 5. Key contributing factors include a 72.9% poverty rate, limited access to healthy and diverse diets, disruptions in livelihoods and access to services, and the impact of climate change on agricultural production and food security. These factors lead to increased maternal and infant mortality, stunted growth and intellectual development, heightened risk of infectious diseases, and other severe adverse effects.

Sustainable approaches to food production and nutrition education are vital for addressing these challenges. Thus, our goal is to improve access to healthy, balanced diets through educational initiatives and the establishment of vegetable gardens. We aspire to reduce malnutrition and enhance overall community health.

Below are projects that aim to achieve some or all of our Food Security & Nutrition objectives.

Ensemble, nous pouvons améliorer la vie des Burundais.

Partout au Burundi, nos programmes permettent aux communautés de vivre une vie saine et d’améliorer leurs conditions de vie.

  • Accroître l’accès à des aliments nutritifs et améliorer la diversité alimentaire.

  • Éduquer les communautés sur les pratiques agricoles durables.

  • Réduire les taux de malnutrition, en particulier chez les femmes et les enfants.

  • Promouvoir les initiatives communautaires de production alimentaire.

Partenaires actuels du programme

Autres programmes

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