SaCoDé Ngozi
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Current areas of intervention:

(some Communes of)

  • Bujumbura

  • Ngozi

  • Karusi

  • Gitega 

  • Makamba

  • Cibitoke

  • Kirundo

  • Muyinga

  • Ruyigi


Current number of beneficiairies: 393

You can get involved by:

  • Sponsoring Oky Burundi an Application through which we provide free Menstrual tracking and Education on Sexual and Reproductive Health to girls and women in our intervention zones.

  • Oky is the world's first period-tracking app for girls and was created with girls.

  • It delivers information about menstruation in a fun, creative and positive way, right into girls' hands through the tools they use every day - cell phones.

  • Oky empowers girls to feel in control and more confident in tracking their periods and getting the information all girls should know.


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Created by UNICEF, Oky is the world's first period-tracking and reproductive health education app created for and with young girls. Oky provides information about menstruation in a fun, creative, and positive way, directly on the cell phone. The app features menstrual cycle counters, calendars, and personalized advice, as well as more original functions. Thanks to Oky's playful design, young girls can personalize the app, choose and unlock avatars, and take quizzes on menstrual health. It's a tool that's both educational and fun, well-suited to the education of teenagers and young people.

Key activities:

  • Co-creation of the Oky application with young adolescent girls: to investigate young girls' knowledge and perceptions of menstrual health and hygiene and their sources of information.  Review the Oky application and its content together with the participating girls, and collect observations on the content and form of the Oky application.

  • Engagement session with adolescent girls' social circles: Raise awareness of menstrual hygiene among school and extracurricular authorities, find out about school and extracurricular authorities' perceptions of cell phones as a means of raising awareness of GHM among young people. 

  • Adaptation and validation of Oky content: to adapt Oky content to the Burundian context, censor and correct the content of the Oky application, and validate the Oky application.

  • Extension of the Oky application: to increase the number of users, through mass awareness sessions and competitions in schools, universities and communities.

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