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Faustine Ndaruzaniye is a member of the Dukorere Hamwe II VSLA in Rwezamenyo Hill, Makebuko. Faustine's life has been transformed by switching to the Agateka reusable sanitary pad.

Previously, when finances allowed, I used disposable sanitary pads, commonly known as Cotex. However, these often caused itching or burning sensations, and I couldn't change them as frequently as needed due to their cost. This led to discomfort and unpleasant odours as I would wear a single pad all day!

As a shopkeeper, Faustine's daily routine is demanding, but the Agateka pad has allowed her to continue her activities without worries.

Now, I go to work without fear of stains or bad odours. I carry the Agateka pads with me and can change as often as necessary, something I couldn't do before.

The switch has not only improved her menstrual hygiene but also her finances.

The monthly worry of finding menstrual protection is gone. My focus is now on maintaining the Agateka pads by washing them regularly, drying it in the sun, and storing them for the next month. The Agateka pad has brought me comfort and relief from the irritations and infections caused by poor menstrual hygiene. I feel very comfortable during my period.


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