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Our Programs

At Sacodé, we address complex community challenges by strategically dividing our efforts into specific programs, each targeting crucial issues such as health, education, economic empowerment and access to water. Our unique approach involves developing projects that often span multiple program areas, allowing us to tailor our interventions based on identified needs and the specific communities we serve. To ensure that each project is designed with local nuances in mind, we operate nine community centres across the country, located in Bujumbura, Cibitoke, Gitega, Karusi, Kirundo, Muyinga, Ngozi, Ruyigi, and Makamba. Each center functions as the headquarters for projects implemented in its region, fostering a close connection with the community and ensuring that our solutions are both impactful and culturally relevant. This localized strategy enables Sacodé to effectively transform lives by providing targeted, community-driven solutions.

Economic Empowerment

Empowering individuals through vocational training and Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLA) to foster economic independence.

Food Security & Nutrition

Enhancing community health by improving access to nutritious foods, promoting sustainable agriculture, and educating on dietary practices.

Gatumba Health Centre

Enhancing community health through accessible, quality medical services, free laboratory exams, and comprehensive family planning education.

Menstrual Hygiene Management

Improving access to and education about menstrual hygiene products and practices to ensure dignity and equality for women and girls.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Providing education and services to improve sexual and reproductive health, reduce teenage pregnancies, and empower individuals to make informed health decisions.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Improving health outcomes by ensuring access to clean water, sanitation, and promoting hygiene practices across communities.

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