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On the hill of Gahemba, Ruyigi commune, 30 women from the Nezerwa Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) are making strides towards financial independence by purchasing goats in a rotational system.

This VSLA was established in July 2022. Like all SaCoDé VSLAs, the members save money collectively, initially to buy each other sanitary pads. By September 2022, just two months after their formation, every member had received a pack of Agateka reusable sanitary pads. Motivated by their initial success, the women continued to save, this time aiming to fund income-generating activities. Each member contributes 500 BIF weekly. The pooled funds are used to buy a goat for each member in turn, a strategy that not only empowers them financially but also provides manure for their farms.

Since September 2022, 19 members have received goats, and these goats have birthed seven kids, which will be shared among the group.

The women of Nezerwa are thrilled with what they have achieved together. They are not only enhancing their own lives but also contributing to the development of their community. They encourage other women to embark on similar projects to foster self-reliance and community growth.


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