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On the hill of Higiro (Gitega), the Tugire Isuku VSLA is making remarkable strides. Comprised of 30 women dedicated to community development, their journey began in April 2021.

Under SaCoDé's guidance, we started with a capital of 1.8 million BIF, investing in a pig for each member. By 2023, our capital surged to 16.78 million BIF, which we then invested in agriculture.

Today, these women have successfully initiated an income-generating agricultural project, thanks to extensive training in savings, loans, and entrepreneurship.

We've launched an agriculture and livestock project, collectively farming corn and spinach. The profits from our sales meet our families' needs.

Starting with pigs and later adding goats, they've enriched their agricultural yields with ample manure from their livestock. The members also reflect on how SaCoDé's projects have transformed their lives and helped them face challenges:

Learning to farm larger plots was a change for us, as we used to farm small individual plots. Our children suffered from malnutrition, but now, thanks to the harvest, they are healthy. The community harmony has also strengthened through our joint efforts.

Looking to the future, the group is ambitious:

We aim to own our agricultural land, practice modern farming, and increase our livestock.


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