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Gatumba Health Centre

A mother's relief: Sacodé's Health Center transforms care in Gatumba

17 Apr 2024

Ensemble, nous pouvons améliorer la vie des Burundais.

Partout au Burundi, nos programmes permettent aux communautés de vivre une vie saine et d’améliorer leurs conditions de vie.

Micheline Mwajuma, a 40-year-old mother of eight from Mushasha II hill in Gatumba, shares her experiences before and after the establishment of Sacodé's Health Center. As a member of the Tumarane Irungu VSLA, Micheline had previously relied on the local public Health Center for medical care.

You had to arrive early to secure a spot on the patient list. The public Center lacked sufficient equipment and rarely offered laboratory tests. Without the means to afford private healthcare, accessing quality care was a struggle.

The situation reached a critical point when one of her children became seriously ill, forcing Micheline to sell her goat to fund hospital treatment in Bujumbura. The arrival of Sacodé's Health Center in Gatumba brought significant relief.

Sacodé's Center offers medical services, lab tests, and even medications at lower costs than other pharmacies. The nurses are not only welcoming but also ensure prompt attention, especially in urgent cases. They even skip their lunch breaks until every patient is seen! I'm truly thankful to Maman Sacodé for establishing this Center here; it has improved our access to quality healthcare tremendously!

She also advocates for the expansion of the Center to include additional services like inpatient care and maternity facilities, highlighting the financial and logistical challenges of being referred to distant hospitals for treatment.

Expanding services would reduce costs and provide comprehensive, quality care right in our community.

Comfort in change: Victoire's postpartum experience with Agateka pads

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17 Apr 2024

A fresh start: Faustine's journey to better menstrual health with Agateka

Faustine finds relief and hygiene with Agateka pads, transforming her menstrual experience and saving money.

17 Apr 2024

Seeds of Change: transforming lives through agriculture

In Higiro, 30 women transform their community with farming and livestock, boosting health and harmony.

17 Apr 2024

Goats and Growth: collective progress in Ruyigi

In Ruyigi, 30 women buy goats together, using savings to empower their community and enhance their farms.

17 Apr 2024

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