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Menstrual Hygiene Management

Comfort in change: Victoire's postpartum experience with Agateka pads

17 Apr 2024

Ensemble, nous pouvons améliorer la vie des Burundais.

Partout au Burundi, nos programmes permettent aux communautés de vivre une vie saine et d’améliorer leurs conditions de vie.

Victoire Butoyi is a dedicated user of the Agateka reusable sanitary pad. She joined the Dufashanye VSLA on Gasaka Hill in Makamba, aiming to learn about menstrual health and hygiene and gain access to reliable sanitary products.

The purpose of the VSLA is for members to pool money for various projects, including the Agateka project. When I joined the group, I contributed a certain amount of money towards the collective purchase of sanitary pads. I received a pack of 'Agateka' reusable sanitary pads right as I was preparing for childbirth. These pads were invaluable during my postpartum period. I felt comfortable and secure, without the fear of staining my clothes. It was a significant improvement over using pieces of cloth as I had done after previous deliveries."

Victoire extends her gratitude and a call to action:

I am thankful to SaCoDé for enhancing the hygiene of women and girls during their menstrual cycles. I encourage all women to consider using the Agateka pad after childbirth!

A fresh start: Faustine's journey to better menstrual health with Agateka

Faustine finds relief and hygiene with Agateka pads, transforming her menstrual experience and saving money.

17 Apr 2024

Seeds of Change: transforming lives through agriculture

In Higiro, 30 women transform their community with farming and livestock, boosting health and harmony.

17 Apr 2024

Goats and Growth: collective progress in Ruyigi

In Ruyigi, 30 women buy goats together, using savings to empower their community and enhance their farms.

17 Apr 2024

Stitching success: Blandine's journey to empowerment

Living with a disability, Blandine has faced many obstacles but has carved a path of empowerment through her work as a seamstress.

17 Apr 2024

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