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The Latest News from SaCoDe, September 2023

Raising awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health

SaCoDé has an educative Short Message Service (SMS) platform on many thematic including that of sexual and reproductive health to improve individual and community welfare. That approach is used to reach a vast public including those in remote areas or those who do not have access to other kinds of information resources on sexual and reproductive health.

Thanks to the HINDUKA UHINDURE ABANDI project, which aims at knowledge enhancement on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) for young women in communities, over 14742 young women have received SMSs on pre-birth consultations for adults and the fight against AIDS for young.

SMS education on SRH is an efficient way of providing information and resources on SRH. It has been linked to knowledge amelioration on SRH, non-desired pregnancies, STD reduction, and the elevation of the use of reproductive health services.

Help Us Empower Women, and Youth through Sexual and reproductive health education for youth and women in communities:
  • Access to complete and correct information on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR): Village savings and loan associations educate and sensitize young people and women about sexual and reproductive health through mass sensitization, video screenings, and pamphlets.

  • Access to complete and correct information on SRHR with innovative approaches: Young adolescents and couples with mobile phones are sensitized about Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) issues via SMS. Through their mobile phones, they provide interactive feedback and ask questions in privacy.

  • Access to complete and correct information on SRHR for youth and women through trained community health workers and peer educators: Peer educators and community health workers are trained to serve as community liaisons.

  • Community health workers provide family planning education and support to women who use contraceptives so that they can limit their births and live a fulfilling life.

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