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The Latest News from BOMA, August 2023

Increase access to primary healthcare in GATUMBA

From May to August, the SaCoDé health center continued to provide healthcare services free of charge, including laboratory tests, medical services, and minor surgery.

During this period, we welcomed and consulted 2,074 patients, 243 of whom were children under the age of five, 18 patients received minor surgery, 1,837 patients visited the laboratory, and 3,058 tests were analyzed. We also ran 24 Health Education sessions for patients attending our CDS, to reduce the frequency of several pathologies that are most prevalent in the Gatumba area.

Sessions Provided
  • 12 sessions on general hygiene in May

  • 4 sessions on type 1 and 2 diabetes in June

  • 3 sessions on Urinary Infections in July

  • 5 sessions on Hepatitis in August

Help us Empower Women, and Youth Access to adequate health care for the population
  • Access to health care services, consultation, laboratory, and hospitalization to improve the living conditions of the communities: These services are offered by SaCoDé with experienced staff and the required equipment.

  • Provide youth-friendly services: Provide counseling on STIs, HIV/AIDS, and unintended pregnancies to young people.

  • To provide women-friendly services: counseling and intravenous family planning.

  • Assistance to pregnant women: Community Health Workers will provide ANC, delivery, and prenatal care to pregnant women.

  • Monitoring of newborns, infants, and children through community health workers: Community health workers will be trained on immunization schedules and children's growth curves so that they can assist in monitoring children.

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